Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Wear {Boys}

Excuse the poor images, I am working off my pad... so, this is what I do when it's 2am and I can't sleep!

Last year, we bought the boys' Christmas day clothes from next and got matching jumpers for the two of them... this went down a treat, everyone thought they were so cute ~ which they are. So, I was really excited to see what was around this year and I haven't been disappointed.

Next is a main choice for us because I like their clothes, delivery is fast so I don't have to brave the shops with Badger {he despises clothes shopping, it never ends well, so we buy everything online} they wash well and, most importantly,  the labels don't bother Badger most of the time, but in the event that they do, then next labels are good to remove without leaving a really itchy bit behind or ruining the clothing.

The top 3 images are the jumpers I liked best, and that will fit both boys ~ as Badger is still small ~ and I left it up to him to pick; He chose the main (grey) jumper, which also happens to be my favourite and only £10/£11. {The green is £12/£13 & red is £13/£14}

Here is the full outfit, a little coercion was required to make everything match, and I am not sure what planet I am on, thinking he will wear anything other than Vans shoes. Alas, one can dream and at least Bam Bam wont argue.

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